Air Calédonie - XC Race

Ile des Pins -

23nd annual event

  • raid IDP 2019

ダイジェスト :

Popular solo trail race over a 16.5 km course through the sublime scenery of the Isle of Pines, from the hilltops to powdery white sand beaches kissed by the lagoon.
The final event in the New Caledonia adventure race season, the race traditionally ends with a celebratory evening and luscious seafood buffet at Nataiwatch guesthouse.

情報・予約 :

  • + 687 25 35 11

Committed to making the race a success, Air Calédonie sets aside 50 seats on weekend return flights especially for trail runners and their supporters, available up to 30 days before departure.
If you’d like to book a flight, send your booking request to “” together with your race registration receipt.
Registrations for the race at
The fee includes transfers between Nataiwatch guesthouse or the Betico ferry dock (Kuto) and the start line for the race at Vao, plus the seafood buffet on Saturday evening.


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New Caledonia International Marathon 

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