The Parov Stelar Band

Païta -

Electro Swing dance fest

  • parovstellar

ダイジェスト :

Back on the road for a world tour, Parov Stelar and his band are making waves in the Pacific. The Austrian DJ/producer will bring his sensational live act to Arène du Sud venue in Païta for an exclusive concert. Prepare for dancing delirium as the central arena area becomes a vast dance floor!

情報・予約 :

Parov Stelar pioneered the hard driven, infectious club music known as Electro Swing, a music genre combining the influences of vintage or modern swing and jazz, mixed with house, hip hop and EDM.     Chalking up over 1000 concerts worldwide, the Parov Stelar Band unleashes a unique, adrenaline-inducing sound to thrill audiences with a magnificently visceral dance experience. A fabulously unmissable evening!


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