10 Incredible Things To Do In Maré

Thinking of adding Maré to your holiday itinerary? From stunning natural beauty to fantastic attractions that allow you to get to know more about the local culture and history, you’ll find some pretty incredible things to do in Maré. Pack your walking shoes and your swimmers, and discover what makes Maré so special!

Visit the Natural Aquarium

Natural aquarium, Mare, Loyalty Islands

Located around 3 km from Tadine, Maré’s Natural Aquarium is a large rockpool that has been shaped by the elements over time. Filled with crystal clear waters with great visibility, the pool is home to an assortment of corals, an abundance of fish, and, at times, turtles and other marine species. The rockpool offers a unique opportunity to see some of the species native to New Caledonia in their natural habitat without the need to leave the shore. Be aware before you visit that no swimming is allowed in the Natural Aquarium.

Pay a visit to Tadine Market

Held each Tuesday and Friday, a visit to Tadine Market provides the perfect opportunity to meet the people of Maré, find an item or two to remember your time on the island or stock up on souvenirs for friends and family back home. Spend some time browsing through colourful stalls filled with sarongs, handmade handicrafts, fridge magnets and more. Grab a bite to eat or, if you’d like to rock a touch of island style, choose to have your hair braided.

Laze on the sands of Yédjélé Beach

Yedjele beach, Mare

Considered to be one of the island’s major attractions, it’s Yédjélé Beach’s turquoise waters and great conditions for swimming and snorkelling that see visitors from across the globe flock to its shores. Slip on a snorkel and see the corals and tropical fish that call the area home up close, or hire a beach chair and sit back, relax and unwind. With fresh coconuts and other refreshments for sale, it’s easy to get into the relaxed South Pacific way of life at Yédjélé Beach.

Be amazed by the Trou de Bone

Situated around 3 km from La Roche, the Trou de Bone sinkhole is considered to be one of the largest of its kind. Around 40 metres in depth, the natural landmark, also known as the Bone Hole, is filled with clear waters that allow you to see far into the sinkhole below. The site also happens to be well known for creating an impressive echo, so be sure to test out the acoustics during your visit.

Get in touch with local legend at Warrior’s Leap

Warrior's Leap, Mare Loyalty Islands

Standing at around 30 metres above sea level, Warrior’s Leap is a landmark that has become the stuff of legend in Maré. Local stories tell of a warrior who, when surrounded and outnumbered by his enemies, made an incredible leap across a 7 metre ravine to safety. Standing high above the waters below, the scale, beauty and local connection to this landmark make it a worthy addition to any Maré itinerary.

Discover the beauty of Pethoen Cave

Pethoen cave, Mare Loyalty Island

Lined with dramatic stalactites, it’s Petheon Cave’s mysterious beauty that draws visitors to its entrance. Filled with crystal clear waters and surrounded by lush greenery, the limestone cave seems almost otherworldly, offering a line of sight down into the ecosystem that thrives far below the water’s surface. Without needing to enter the water, it’s easy to admire the cave’s incredible natural beauty, experiencing the same intrigue and wonder that generations of visitors have felt.

Go snorkelling at Mebuet Beach

Surrounded by rocks and impressive colonial pines, Mebuet Beach is home to a small bay perfect for a spot of snorkelling. Slip on a snorkel and encounter wild turtles in their natural habitat as they make their way into the bay to feed on the plant life that lies beneath the surface. Keep an eye out for the multicoloured corals that thrive within the clear waters and the diverse seabirds that can often be found along the shore.

Hike to the Shabadran Terraces 

Shabadran Terraces, Mare Loyalty Islands

Taking a 4x4 drive through coconut plantations and a challenging 2½ hour guided hike to reach its shores, the beauty of the Shabadran Terraces certainly outweighs the effort involved to get there. Bordered by tall palms and striking coral cliffs, it is the postcard-perfect white sands and secluded setting that have led it to be described as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Stroll along the sands and take ample time to soak up the beauty of this wonderful corner of the globe. The hike is best suited to experienced walkers, with good hiking shoes a must.

Soak up the serenity

One of the South Pacific’s best kept secrets, Maré continues to remain largely untouched by development, making it the perfect place to disconnect from the day-to-day demands of modern life. Find your own stretch of sand, lay down your beach towel and watch the waves roll in, or take the time to get in touch with nature with a scenic hike. No matter how you choose to spend your time in Maré, you’ll find plenty of great ways to recharge your batteries.

Celebrate the Avocado Festival

Avocado Festival, Mare Loyalty Islands

Held annually, Maré’s Avocado Festival is a three day celebration of one of the island’s prize crops, the avocado. First held in the early 1990s, the festival has evolved to become one of the Loyalty Islands’ most popular celebrations, showcasing the latest avocado harvest and featuring an array of activities and live performances to enjoy. Held in the Nece tribal village, the Avocado Festival is certainly well worth adding to your itinerary if your visit happens to coincide with its lively celebrations.

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