A Japanese mini-series in New Caledonia with actress Ikumi Hisamatsu and BS FUJI TV

From 21 to 27 September, BS Fuji TV came to New Caledonia to film its new mini-series with famous model and actress Ikumi Hisamatsu.  The destination will feature in 6 themed episodes.

BS Fuji TV


NCTPS welcomed the BS Fuji TV channel from 21 to 27 September, for the filming of a mini-series on the destination and its tourist activities. BS Fuji TV is a radio station and digital satellite broadcasting station belonging to the large Fuji Television group.  The programme will be broadcast into 40,000,000 Japanese households.

In order to feature the holidays of popular Japanese actress and model Ikumi Hisamatsu in the new mini-series, BS Fuji TV decided to highlight New Caledonia through 6 x 5-minute episodes, each dedicated to a different activity: lagoon, golf, hiking, gastronomy, accommodation and honeymoons.  To do this, the film crew focused on filming in Noumea: Coconut Square, the Market, the Zoo and Botannical Gardens, Escapade Island, Anse Vata, etc.

The episodes will be aired from 6 January to 24 March 2017, over 6 Fridays from 11.55pm to midnight (plus 6 reruns). In addition, Ikumi Hisamatsu will be posting her stay on the social networks: TwitterInstagram and on her blog.


Interview with Ms. Ikumi Hisamatsu, model and actress for the BS Fuji TV mini-series, at the Zoo and Botannical Gardens

« New Caledonia isn’t just the water, it’s also about nature! »

1. Tell us about yourself 

My name is Ikumi Hisamatsu, I’m from Tokyo and I’m 20.  I’ve been a model and actress for thirteen years and I’ve been working with BS Fuji TV for one year.

2. Tell us about this new mini-series being produced by BS Fuji.

We’ve filmed 6 episodes for the BS Fuji’s new mini-series, which will be broadcast from January 2017.  The first is about Nouméa hotels and principally Escapade Island. The second will be on snorkelling, followed by golf, horse riding, restaurants and the last episode on weddings.   

3. Why choose New Caledonia for filming the 6 episodes?

I’ve always been very interested in New Caledonia but have never visited.  So I discussed the idea with the BS Fuji team and it was put into place.

4. Which episode did you enjoy filming most ?

I loved the weddings episode : trying on the bridal dresses, each one was so beautiful.  Then filming on the beach with its magnificent scenery.  I really liked the snorkelling at Escapade Island with Aquazure: the underwater world, the fish …

5. What do you think of Nouméa’s Zoo and Botannical Gardens ?

Really lovely : it’s like we’re out in the countryside with all these trees !

6. What will you say to your fans to encourage them to stay in New Caledonia ?

New Caledonia isn’t just the water, it’s also about nature!  The horseback ride from Yala Ranch enabled me to go up into the hills to discover a new perspective of the island and its beautiful natural landscape.  Its also about the discovery of another culture and its local products which I had the opportunity to buy and cook …