Vent du nord transport

On land

Information and booking:

Shuttle services and organised tours exploring the main tourist sites on Maré.

  • Maré Wakuarori 98828
  • Mob : +687 500285

Vent du nord transport and its driver Mr. Albert Hnaweongo (known as “Acyl" from the tribe of Wakuarori) invite you to enjoy pleasant guided tours of Maré. The natural aquarium, the Warrior's Leap or the Bone hole, discover all of Maré’s treasures. Shuttle services available.

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  • Private transport

  • Transfers

  • Tours/excursions

料金 :

Transport CFP Yen
Island tour (guided visit, sandwiches and drinks)
The Bone Hole, the path of Tenane, the monument of Roh, the Warrior’s Leap, the natural aquarium, the Pethoen cave. 3500 3780
From the second person 1500 1620
Child (under 12) 1000 1080
送迎バス CFP Yen
Airport/accommodation, port/accommodation (one-way trip)
2000 2160
Child (under 12) 1000 1080