Tipico Latino

Discover Mexican cuisine.

  • Tuesday to Friday: 11.30 am - 9.30 pm Saturday to Sunday: 11 am - 2 pm / 7 pm - 10 pm

Tipico Latino (restaurants eating out - Nouméa)

Discover Mexican cuisine. You will appreciate a wide choice of typical dishes of Latin America, gluten-free or still vegetarian.

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"Hidden gem" 21/04/2019
Stormy weather sent us out to find some quick food. For once we were thankful. The food delivered on every count. Fajitas pack some major flavour and the chilli was prominent. Who has a sala… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text

"Yummy Mexican meal" 20/04/2019
The beauty of the Anse Vata area is the availability of a variety of restaurants in close range. So we were able to sample a different meal each night. This restaurant was fantastic. The mea… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text