• 123 promenade Roger Laroque,
  • Nouméa, Anse-Vata
  • Hôtel Nouvata
  • Tel : +687 260553
  • 毎日:11:30a.m.〜1:30p.m./6:30p.m.〜9:30p.m.

L'Équilibre (eating out - Nouméa)


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#13 of 20 hotels in Noumea 737 口コミ

"Pretty bad! " 25/02/2020
This place has aircon units that barely cool the room. An uncomfortable bed you would not wish your worst enemy to sleep on. A couch that so hard to even sit on comfortably. And don’t even g… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text

"Don't bet your life on staying here." 28/12/2019
I was going to put an okay review on until this morning. I'll start with The good. The rooms are clean apart from the continuous micro ants everywhere that don't seem to be a problem. Now th… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text