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Travel to india when you enjoy a meal at La Promenade Anse Vata !

  • Gallerie de l'hôtel Hilton
  • Nouméa Anse-Vata
  • Tel : +687 291919
  • Mob : +687 852234
  • Tuesday to Saturday 11:30am to 1:30pm, and 7pm to 9:30pm.

Travel to India when you enjoy a meal at La Promenade, Anse Vata! The Chef offers tastes and aromas for your enjoyment, however, the dishes are also created and served to match each individual taste. Our naans and grilled meats are cooked in a traditional oven (the Tandoor) after having been marinated with special spices, a preparation known as Tandoori.

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  • Air-conditioned


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Restaurant CFP Yen
Formule entrée & plat à 1950 fr tous les midis du mardi au vendredi

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#187 of 252 Places to Eat in Noumea 55 口コミ

"Pretty average Indian." 18/06/2018
Like everywhere in Noumea it is very expensive compared to most other places. That said the food was pretty good - a prawn curry and samosas. Very limited menu and not open on Mondays. blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text

The restaurant is located at the Hilton Hotel. Been here before, new management, new cook, wanted to give it another chance. Menu was very limited, dishes are much better than the last time,… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text