Le Roof


  • 134 promenade Roger Laroque,
  • Nouméa, Anse-Vata
  • Tel : +687 250700
  • every day 11:30am to 2pm, 6:30pm to 10pm

Le Roof (eating out - Nouméa)


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#32 of 268 Places to Eat in Noumea 1084 口コミ

"Even the fish dine here" 19/10/2019
A seafood restaurant at the end of a pier over a coral reef was no doubt top class and the meals confirmed that. We sat watching shoals of large fish and gulls attracted to food in turn attr… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text

"Just wow" 13/10/2019
Worst bit ... a bit of noise from the nearby bar. Best bit. Everything else. A fantastic meal. All 3 of us (2 GLUTEN FREE) had a special meal that we are still talking about the next day. … blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text