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Fly over Koumac and the lagoon in the Virus 912 microlight plane.

  • Koumac
  • Mob : +687 848977
  • On Monday and Thursday morning. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday all day.

On the ULM Virus 912, from Koumac, fly over the village and caves, mines and ancient village to Tiébaghi, an amazing lagoon registered to UNESCO with his amazing islands in white sand, and the beautiful coral reef. From Poum, fly over mine, the village, the lagoon of great North and his amazing islands, and the pointed end North of New-Caledonia and his famous crossing "Boat Pass". From Kone, fly over heart's mythical to Voh and blue's hole into the coral reef. From Touho, fly over the lagoon of the East Coast, and Linderalique's rocks and the famous chicken rocks.

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  • ULM

詳細情報 :

  • Flights possibles from Kone and Touho on reservation, from 6 years.

料金 :

遠足・アクティビティー CFP Yen
On koumac
1 hour 15000 16200
From Kone and Touho
half hour 11000 11880