La Foa Plongée

Water sports

Information and booking:

Discover the largest lagoon in the world with La Foa Plongée.

Set off to discover New Caledonia’s lagoon, listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, with Thierry from La Foa Plongée. There are various options available, ranging from exploring the underwater fauna to diving courses and initiation dives. Explore and discover the underwater world in complete safety.

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  • Scuba diving

ショートトリップ :

Exploration trips Trips to explore the New Caledonia lagoon. 2 dives in 2 different sites. Package including accommodation at the Couleur Mangue, with 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts is also available.
Initiation dive Initiation lagoon dive
French Diving Courses Diving courses to Level 1 and Level 2

料金 :

遠足・アクティビティー CFP Yen
Exploration trip - 2 dives (independent, without equipment) 10200 10710
Exploration - 2 dives (with supervision, without equipment) 11200 11760
Package – half-board (based on 2 pers.) 34500 36225
French Diving Courses
Level 1 - 6 dives (all inclusive) 42000 44100
Level 2 - 10 dives (without equipment) 60000 63000
Initiation dive
All-inclusive 8000 8400
For hire CFP Yen
per equipment (2dives) 600 630