Iatok Diving Paradise

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Discover the New Caledonian lagoon through the Iatok Diving Paradise Dive Centre.

  • Port Moselle
  • Nouméa Centre-Ville
  • Mob : +687 767771

The Iatok Diving Paradise, based in Port Moselle, Nouméa, will help you discover the wondrous beauty of the New Caledonian lagoon, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Initiation dives, exploration dives and also training courses are all available.

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  • Scuba diving

ショートトリップ :

Level 1 They are made in three outings (6dives) on the coral reef in the area of 20m
Initiation Baptisms are performed on the coral reef in the area of 6m

料金 :

遠足・アクティビティー CFP Yen
Training Level 1 32000 33920
Trainning level 2 43000 45580
Formation Niveau 3 54000 57240
Formation Niveau 4 et Monitorat SUR DEMANDE SUR DEMANDE
Formation Nitrox 16000 16960
Formation Nitrox confirmé 32000 33920
Diver equipped in week 8000 8480
Diver equipped in week-end 8500 9010
Not equipped diver in week 8500 9010
Not equipped diver in week-end 9000 9540
Baptism 6000 6360

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"Great dives" 18/06/2018
I did 4 dives with Iatok and enjoyed everything about them. Dive Masters were very helpful, clear with their instructions and took us to some amazing places. Thank you to Jeremy and Pascal… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text

"Un niveau 1 qui fait plaisir" 25/07/2018
Nous avons choisi ce club pour passer notre niveau 1 de plongée, ici à Nouméa. Nous avons choisi Iatok pour les prix et tous les avis que nous avions entendu. Niveau passé en 3 matinée de ch… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text