Dal'Océan Charter


  • rue Tardy de Montravel,
  • Nouméa , 98800
  • Port Brunelet - Ponton E
  • Tel : +687 961131
  • Fax : +687 276418
  • Reservation only

Dal'Océan Charter (water sports - Nouméa)


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  • Sailboat/Motoboat rental

  • Whale watching

  • beaches and islets

  • Taxiboat

料金 :

遠足・アクティビティー CFP Yen
Location catamaran avec équipage
Par jour 107000 110554
Les îlots: Signal et laregnere: Adulte 4000 F CFP Enfant 3000 F CFP
Phare Amédé : Adulte 5000 F CFP. Enfant 4000 F CFP

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#2 of 44 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Noumea 588 口コミ

"Perfect tour company." 31/01/2020
We recently visited on a cruise ship. We pre-booked this adventure and found the booth very easily. The team manning the booth was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The boat ride to Escapa… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text

"Turtle island" 18/01/2020
Great trip to a beautiful island. After a short boat ride which was good fun. Fast if not a bit bouncy over the waves, we arrived at the island. Lovely beach quiet And great sea for swimmi… blab_tripadvisor.read-full-review.text