Babou Côté Océan


Information and booking:

At the foot of the black rocks, a few steps from the mouth of Linderalique lagoon.

  • Hienghène Le Koulnoué
  • Tel : +687 428359
  • Fax : +687 428359
  • 7am-6pm

A the foot of the black rocks, a few steps from the mouth of the Lindéralique lagoon, the majestic setting will enchant you, and you will spend a memorable stay here divided between lazing around and the many activities offered by the diving centre. You can pitch your tent by the sea or further back near a shelter. You can make a wood fire for grilling or just picnic in the shade of a flame tree.

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  • Campsites

  • Beach access

  • Scuba diving

ショートトリップ :

Diving center

料金 :

宿泊先 CFP Yen
per person per night 700 728
For hire CFP Yen
Location of kayak
Half day 1500 1560
サービス CFP Yen
1 person 500 520
Sleeping bag
1 person 500 520
Tent (1 till 3 persons)
1000 1040
Familial tent (4 persons)
Mattress, sleeping bag, pillow 6000 6240
500 520
Swimming or picnic
Per person 100 104

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"Very nice location, friendly stuff" 26/08/2018
Very friendly stuff, especially the man with glasses (sorry, I am so bad to remember names!) and Sebastian, who helped me to break my fear from diving. There is also lady across the road who…

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