Noumea Beach Car


  • Quai Jules Ferry,
  • Nouméa, Centre-Ville, 98800
  • Gare Maritime
  • Mob : +687 800815
  • 8:00a.m.〜7:00p.m.

Noumea Beach Car (on land - Nouméa)

ヴィンテージの趣を持ちながら、排気を出さずにクリーンなエコドライブが楽しめる100%電動のミニ・モークのレンタカーで、ヌメアの街を爽快に走ってみませんか? ご希望に合わせた旅程のご提案も可能です。ショップはフェリーターミナルの近くに位置しています。

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  • Tours/excursions

  • Car rental

料金 :

For hire CFP Yen
2H 11200 11572
3H 14400 14878
4H 17600 18185
8H 22600 23351

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#30 of 72 Tours in Noumea 40 口コミ

"Great fun!" 19/12/2018
If you want to take your time to see the attractions (the Tchou Tchou train is sometimes a bit short at some stops) then rent one of these! Great fun to drive and always fun to do your own …

"The Fun Wy" 08/04/2018
This was a great way to do your own thing easy to drive and the GPS means go were you want and easy to get home had to cross fingers on return as batteries were in the red