Relaxers/Escapers itinerary in New Caledonia

9 days to get away from it all and relax in New Caledonia  

At the beach, by the pool or in a national park, you like to relax and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. If swimming in the lagoon, strolling through the local market, getting back to basics while making memories with your loved ones is your idea of the perfect getaway, then look no further, we have the perfect programme for you! In New Caledonia, enjoy the ultimate luxury of seclusion without having to travel too far. Live life at Pacific pace! Beside the world's largest lagoon and one of the world's richest biodiversity, spend your time relaxing and exploring like you've never done before!

For each day, find out 3 accommodation and cafés/restaurants options classified by price range:
1 night for 2:  $< 10 000 XPF, $$ < 15 000 XPF and $$$ > 15 000 XPF / Main $< 2 000 XPF, $$ < 3 000 XPF and $$$ > 3000 

Summary of the itinerary:

Duration: 9 days

Distance: 192 km (excluding trips to the islands)

Areas:  Nouméa, West Coast, Islands (Ouvéa)



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Day 1 — Arrival at the airport in the afternoon and drive to La Foa


La Tontouta International Airpot - Noumea

FARINO    |    voiture icone La Tontouta airport - Farino : 1 hour 04 minutes (74 km)



  •  Discover one of the Grande Terre's characteristic ecotourism destinations
  •  Immerse yourself in the rainforest

Upon arrival at La Tontouta airport, hire a car and drive north to La Foa, on the west coast of New Caledonia. With vast plains and ecotourism resorts, the region is perfect to switch off from your daily routine. Stop off in Farino, a village also known as the “green lung” of New Caledonia and admire a unique landscape of wide plains towering the turquoise lagoon, and lush green vegetation. In the calm of dusk, listen to the sounds of nature and breathe in the scents typical of the rainforest...

Hotels: Les Bulles de Farino $$$ / Lodge Terre de Soleil $$ / Refuge de Farino $
Restaurants: Les Bulles de Farino $$$ / Lodge Terre de Soleil $$ / Refuge de Farino $


Day 2 - Take a breath of fresh air


Bird watching Great Ferns Park- Farino

FARINO    |    voiture icone ---



  •  Observe New Caledonia's native birds
  •  Soak up some positive energy from the big trees
  •  Discover the secrets of medicinal plants

Today, you'll delve into the Giant Ferns Park in Farino. Enjoy an escapade into the heart of the forest, a true temple of biodiversity and a haven for New Caledonia's unique fauna and flora. For the morning, book a bird watching tour, guided by an expert of native bird life. Enjoy a picnic in the park, then continue your day amidst nature with a forest bathing session. Learn how hugging trees can be a source of energy and well-being! If you prefer, opt for a guided tour of the park with a local guide to learn the secrets of the medicinal plants used by the Kanak tribes!

Hotels: Les Bulles de Farino $$$ / Lodge Terre de Soleil $$ / Refuge de Farino $
Restaurants: Les Bulles de Farino $$$ / Lodge Terre de Soleil $$ / Refuge de Farino $


Day 3 - Explore Nouméa


Nouméa city New Caledonia

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone Farino — Nouméa : 1 hour 32 minutes (118 km)



  •  Lunch beside the lagoon of Nouméa
  •  Take a dip in the sea
  •  Admire the town's architecture
  •  Watch in awe as the sun sets over the bays of Nouméa

After breakfast, leave Farino for Nouméa. It's an hour and a half drive but well worth it when you catch your first glimpse of the bays around the capital of New Caledonia. Check into your hotel, then head to the Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay), one of the town's most beautiful beaches. You will find a large choice of restaurants on the waterfront. Spend your time relaxing in the sunshine and cool off with a dip in the water. In the afternoon, enjoy a guided tour of Nouméa! Photograph the beautiful colonial houses, the views of the lagoon and the town's major landmarks. End your day by climbing (by foot or by car) to the top of Ouen Toro to admire the sunset.

Hotels: Hôtel Le Méridien $$$ / Hôtel Le Lagon $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Le Roof $$$ / L'Hippocampe - Méridien $$$ / Au P'tit Café $$ / La Gavotte $$ / Rimba Juice $ / Ulysse snack bar $


Day 4 - Welcome to Ouvéa and the most beautiful beaches in the world


Mouli beach ouvéa - Loyalty Islands

OUVÉA    |    avion icone Nouméa - Ouvéa: 40 minutes flight



  •  Admire the cliffs of Lékiny that plunge into the crystal-clear water
  •  Spot Manta rays from Mouli Bridge
  •  Stroll along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Today, fly to Ouvéa, one of the Loyalty Islands. It's just under a 40-minute flight from Nouméa to the island also named "the closest island to paradise". You will understand where its nickname comes from as you walk along the long beach of Fayaoué. Its crystal-clear turquoise water, white sand and lush vegetation makes it the perfect place to relax, a million miles away from your daily routine. In the afternoon, book a guided excursion to the Lékiny Cliffs. At the end of your beautiful hike amongst the high grey cliffs dotted with caves, snorkel in the incredible lagoon and admire the tropical fish! On the way back, stop at Mouli Bridge to capture the stunning view, and Mouli beach for one last swim.

Hotels: Hôtel Paradis d'Ouvéa $$$ / Hôtel Beaupré $$ / Chez Dydice $
Restaurants: La Part des Anges - Paradis d'Ouvéa $$$ / Hôtel Beaupré $$ / O'Kafika snack bar / Chez Dydice


Day 5 - Explore Ouvéa, the closest island to paradise


Beaches in Ouvea Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

OUVÉA     |    voiture icone ---



  •  Get up close with a baby lemon shark
  •  Explore a coral cave
  •  Discover a mysterious water hole
  •  Observe the sea turtles

Continue your exploration of the closest island to paradise! In the morning, hop in the car and drive to the shark nursery. There, with your local guide Antoine Omei, you'll be able to get up close and personal with the sharks! Continue your day with a guided hike with Dominique Tanghmelen (2 hr) all the way to Anubet cave and its underground galleries. Along the way, you can observe the island's typical fauna and flora, such as the famous Ouvéa parakeet. End your day on a high with a visit to the Trou aux Tortues (Turtle Hole). This pool of deep blue water, also known as Trou Anep will bring you inner peace and tranquility. Sit down for a moment, and you'll gradually spot the turtles popping their heads out of the water. A unique opportunity to truly connect with nature!

Hotels: Hôtel Paradis d'Ouvéa $$$ / Hôtel Beaupré $$ / Chez Dydice $
Restaurants: La Part des Anges - Paradis d'Ouvéa $$$ / Hôtel Beaupré $$ / O'Kafika snack bar / Chez Dydice $


Day 6 — A day in the lagoon


Pleiades Ouvéa New Caledonia

OUVÉA    |    bateau icone Ouvéa — Southern Pleiades: a 1 hour 30 minutes crossing



  •  Marvel at the beauty of Ouvéa and its Pleiades
  •  Observe the manta rays
  •  Stroll around a secluded islet

Today, choose from one of three sea excursions and spend an unforgettable day on the Ouvéa atoll:

1/ A day in the Southern Pleiades, with Charly from Gîte Moague: this outing includes a boat ride in the magnificent Southern Pleiades, a stopover on an islet, a snorkelling trip, a passage through the shark pit, and a picnic on the boat.

2/ A day in the Northern Pleiades with Kaiwatr: another wonderful excursion, with fishing, snorkelling among the manta rays and sharks, and a meal on one of the island's beautiful beaches.

3/ Visit Fayava islet (3h30) with Rodolphe Wala: discover its village, its chapel, its fields, its water hole and its coconut grove during a hike in the forest and take the opportunity to climb the cliffs of Lékiny.

Hotels: Hôtel Paradis d'Ouvéa $$$ / Hôtel Beaupré $$ / Chez Dydice $
Restaurants: La Part des Anges - Paradis d'Ouvéa $$$ / Lunch excursion at sea/ Hotel Beaupré $$ / O'Kafika snack bar / Chez Dydice $


Day 7 - Wellness interlude in Nouméa


Deep Nature Spa Le Méridien Nouméa

NOUMÉA    |    avion icone Ouvéa - Nouméa : 40 minutes flight



  •  Switch off for a while with a massage
  •  Get your fill of energy during an Aquatonic session
  •  Enjoy a drink as the sun goes down over the Baie des Citrons

Your day-to-day routine now feels a million miles away, and it's time to return to Nouméa. When you get back to the capital, maintain that ‘unplugged feeling’ with a full day of relaxation. Two outstanding addresses await in Nouméa: the Deep Nature Spa at the Meridien Hotel, which offers a massage and spa package (sauna, hammam and whirlpool), and the Chateau Royal Hotel, where you can enjoy a massage plus an Aquatonic session (water jets, spa, counter-current swimming). After this interlude of sheer well-being, walk down to Anse-Vata beach for a dip  or simply enjoy the sun going down over the lagoon.

Hotels: Hôtel Le Méridien $$$ / Le Lagon $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: La Pirogue - Château Royal $$$ / Mamma Mia $$$ / Tipico Latino $$ / Pizza & Pasta $$ / L'Équilibre - Nouvata $ / Sport bar Ramada


Day 8 — Nouméa and its islets


Signal Islet Nouméa New Caledonia

NOUMÉA    |    bateau icone Anse-Vata - Duck island: 10 minutes boat ride / Signal Islet: 30 minutes



  •  Enjoy a day on a sailing or motor catamaran out on the lagoon
  •  Go snorkelling along the underwater path by Duck Island
  •  Walk around Signal Islet and observe the many fish

Tomorrow, you'll be back on the plane, leaving the islands of New Caledonia... But in the meantime, keep on gathering those memories and images of the turquoise lagoon and its natural treasures! From Nouméa, it's easy to book a trip out to sea. Take your pick with, for example, a day on a catamaran with Abaca Croisières, stopping off on the most beautiful islets and snorkelling to admire the seabed. Or, treat yourself with a stop at Duck Island, just a 10-minute boat ride from Anse-Vata. There, enjoy another day of sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming. A third option is a trip to Signal Islet, which you can reach in one of the taxi-boats from the Maison du Lagon. This wild islet is highly popular among Caledonians who like to walk around it or swim among the tropical fish.

Hotels:  Hôtel Le Méridien $$$ / Le Lagon $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Lunch cruise $$$ / Le Bintz $$$ / Restaurant de l'îlot Canard $$ / Mamma Mia $$ / Sandwiches $ / Le Bilboquet Plage


Day 9 - Return flight (9am or 12pm)


Brunch Nouméa New Caledonia

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone Nouméa - La Tontouta airport: 45 minutes



  •  Have brunch by the lagoon
  •  Pick up a few souvenirs from the shops around Anse-Vata
  •  Enjoy one last time on Anse-Vata beach

If you have a bit of time left before your return flight (especially if you're taking the 12:00 flight), enjoy brunch facing the lagoon by the Baie des Citrons, then browse the shops around Anse-Vata to pick up some souvenirs, and admire the lagoon one last time from Anse-Vata beach... Finally, take your shuttle to La Tontouta International Airport.




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