Even more than neighboring Païta, the town of Dumbéa has gone through unprecedented developments in recent years. It is now split between urbanity in the south and protected bush in the north. This expanding gap still doesn’t keep the town from housing very attractive natural sites.


Founded in 1875, Dumbéa is the closest town to Nouméa to the northwest.

Nature is still very much present. Parc Fayard, with several amenities, provides a very green setting bordering the river for family and festive events, but also for lots of water activities.

The legendary Trou aux Nurses!

The Dumbéa river in particular and its beautiful gorges upstream from the park provide swimming spots that are highly prized by the inhabitants of Dumbéa and Nouméa. This is also true at La Couvelée, from “Nurse’s Hole”, leading to a drivable road! Mont Dzumac, the town’s highest point (at 850m), provides a beautiful outlook over the Couvelée valley.

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  • Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday : 8h00 - 12h30 et 13h30 - 17h, and Saturday : 8h00 - 12h30
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Dumbéa cote ouest de la Province Sud en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Practical information

The annual Festival of the Giant Omelet, created in 1984, is now a must-see encounter on the Caledonian holiday calendar. Organized at Parc Fayard, this festival gathers several tens of thousands of spectators for two days at this popular event. The tradition was imported locally by so-called Mme Radotin, ends every year with the preparation of an omelet cooked in a skillet measuring 4 meters in diameter. Nearly 9,000 eggs are needed and are cooked for 30 minutes!

Discover the must-sees in Dumbéa

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What to do in Dumbéa?

Lots of outdoor weekend activities

The town also boasts a wide range of activities (stand-up paddle-boarding, golfing, a parking area and foot trails) that let city-dwellers and tourists staying in the “capital” take a day-long break.

Finally, the town has no lack of historic places, including the bridge over the Dumbéa river (which has largely contributed to breaking the territory’s isolation) and the old rum distillery.


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