Heritage Safari Isle of Pines

Day trip on the lagoon and traditional meal on an islet

From 106.00 AUD - 15.00 %

-Discover the aquatic environment 
-100% guaranteed to see turtles, games on the islet
-Lobster and snails meal
-Demonstration of traditional fishing and grating coconut
-Walking tour

Activity provided by: Mana Nautique

Mana Nautique

Discover the Isle of Pines and its beautiful lagoon with Mana Nautique

Boat trips to Brosse Islet, St. Joseph's Bay, Turtle Bay, lobster meals and the famous snails of the island!
Departure at St. Joseph's Bay at 9am. The return is scheduled around 3pm. (If you arrive with the Betico at 9:30am, Mana Nautique can pick you up on arrival and help you join the group)

On the program:

  • Discover St Joseph's Bay
  • The turtle bay: as soon as you leave the bay of Saint Joseph you could see turtles
  • Snorkeling
  • Games on the islet
  • You may have the chance to swim with the manta rays
  • Demonstration of traditional fishing and grating coconut
  • Walking path through the forest to get to the "Trous des nurse"

13h: Lunch at the Brosse islet
In the menu: chicken, fish, snails or lobster. It is also possible to bring your own meal.
After the lunch, free time and relaxation on the islet.

On the way back you will go aboard the boat for unforgettable moments surrounded by dolphins that may swim in front of you. 

The day will end quietly with music on the boat before returning to the bay of Saint Joseph.