New Caledonian marketing campaign honoured!

New Caledonia Tourism has been honoured by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) for its innovated campaign “Searching for the Heart of New Caledonia, an interactive Instagram adventure”: a treasure hunt on Instagram. At the same time, its new brochure “Rendez-vous in New Caledonia” was in the limelight in metropolitan France.

New Caledonia Awards


New Caledonia Tourism has just received its first “Award for Marketing Excellence”, presented by the prestigious Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) during the final of its national and regional competition which recognises the most on-target marketing campaigns of the year. The AMI is a benchmark for Australian Marketing professionals, providing training on new marketing techniques and rewarding innovative companies each year.

In 2016, New Caledonia was recognised at a regional level (NSW) in the category of “Social media and digital marketing NSW State Winner” for the treasure hunt launched on its Australin and New Zealand Instagram social network as part of its annual campaign. The aim of the game, “Searching for the Heart of New Caledonia, an interactive Instagram adventure”, was to lead users to the Heart of Voh by collecting clues from the local population who they “met” as they explored the country. By wanting to win a trip to New Caledonia, the player found himself immersed within Noumea, the Loyalty Islands and the North and the South of the Main Island. In total, the game attracted over 23,888 participants (17,747 Australians and 6,141 New Zealanders) and helped capture 3,000 new followers to our Instagram account.

This award is testament to the relevance of the promotional campaigns conducted by New Caledonia Tourism and supported by its tourism partners, aimed at promoting New Caledonia as a connected and attractive destination internationally.


New Caledonia Tourism honoured in Cannes by LES TROPHÉES DE LA COMMUNICATION 2016

At the same time, at the Trophées de la Communication® in Cannes, New Caledonia Tourism was awarded 4th place for its internationl brochure “Rendez-vous in New Caledonia” in the category of “Best print publication by a public institution”.

With 32 categories, Les Trophées de la Communication® honour each year the leading figures in the French communication industry. Now in it’s 15th year, it attracted over 800 entries. So it’s a great achievement for New Caledonia when up against the other “competitive” regions of France.

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