Very few people venture to the lagoon in the far north of the Grande Terre, in the Poum region. This is an ideal area for all those who love fishing around the reef, as well as in the open sea. There is an almost 100% guarantee of catching something!

Fishing at dawn

It is at the very beginning of the day that Christian Hervouet prepares his boat and equipment to offer exceptional morning fishing. As day breaks, the beauty of the site is fully revealed. Christian's boat, Malabou Fishing, cleaves the calm, clear waters of the lagoon, passing by beautiful islets like Tiambouen. Not a cloud in sight, no wind: The ocean looks like a real mirror! A coffee in hand, a beautiful weather and a warm welcome, this is all you need to tackle the fish! 

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  • Fishing almost solo

    Fishing almost solo

    What is great in the north lagoon is the near absence of other leisure boats. The area is already sparsely populated, and it is unusual to see other fishing or leisure boats here. This increased the feeling of being privileged! According to Christian, "a catch here is guaranteed at 99.9%, not only because there are not many people, but also because the lagoon is extremely rich". Sail away! 

  • The miraculous catch

    The miraculous catch

    If you do not bring your own equipment, Christian has what you need to make fishing rods "sing"! Whether you are an expert or not, this man knows this part of the Ocean as the back of his hands, and no corner has any secrets for him. Setting off with Christian means being guaranteed to reach the best spots in the area, and to catch many fish in the lagoon in sport fishing mode, or at large in big-game fishing mode: marlin, king mackerel, tuna or other fish... a big catch rarely eludes participants! The catch of dreams: that of the giant trevally returning in late October, nicknamed "baoum", the delight of anglers. 

  • Fishing in a dream spot

    Fishing in a dream spot

    In the far north, the lagoon is beautiful. This sparsely populated wild area will give you the exact feeling of being a Robinson Crusoe of the sea. During the return trip, you can easily stop at one of the many islets in the area to enjoy grilled fish and just enjoy a well-deserved swim. Harmless fish and birds will not hesitate to come close. 

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