Why invest in New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific. Rich in exceptional natural and cultural heritage and bordering a UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon, the archipelago stands out from neighbouring islands. With infrastructure comparable to that of the major countries in the zone and skilled human resources, New Caledonia maintains a high level of economic and social development and offers many investment opportunities.

The advantages of New Caledonia: 


Favourable geostrategic position. It is located in the centre of the Pacific and in the heart of Melanesia

► A high-performance industrial tool aligned with European standards. The level of development is the highest of the island territories thanks to an efficient administration and modern research tools

► Legal, health, currency and security stability

High skill levels thanks to a level of training linked to French standards

► A dynamic, prosperous and open market

► An exceptional quality of life thanks to the richness of its landscapes and its environment, its cultural diversity, its art of living, sporting practices and nautical activities…

► Favourable measures for investments, such as tax exemption

Baie de Nouméa - port

More information


For more information, visit the website of the Service de la Coopération Régionale et des Relations Extérieures (Regional Cooperation and External Relations Service) of the New Caledonia Government at www.cooperation-regionale.gouv.nc :

Consult the Country fact sheet that includes data and general information on New Caledonia
Consult the Invest in New Caledonia page


Service de la Coopération Régionale et des Relations Extérieures (SCRRE)
7, avenue Paul Doumer, Centre ville
98800 Nouméa Cedex
Tel. : +687 25 00 46

Yves LAFOY, Delegate for New Caledonia in New Zealand : yves.lafoy@diplomatie.gouv.fr
Vincent MELANI, Export Manager : vincent.melani@gouv.nc



Map New Caledonia