This is the most popular park in New Caledonia, undoubtedly the most incredible one. Located in the south of the Grande Terre, the Blue River Park promises a truly exotic scenery in a very unusual setting. Nature here has not changed for millions of years!

The finest nature park in New Caledonia

This provincial park of 9,000 hectares is a protected area in which visitors are welcome as long as they obey the few simple rules that are necessary. While it is indeed possible to camp in the Park, it is – for example – mandatory to partially “take down” your tent when the morning comes. Barbecue fires are tolerated (unless otherwise stated at the entrance), but it’s forbidden to pick up dead wood. You will leave your car at the entrance and go cycling, or use the park's shuttle service. 

The extraordinary beauty of the place makes it well worth applying these few rules.

Great South Landscapes

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  • the Blue River Park

    The Caledonian scenery

    After going past the Col de Plum, the Caledonian scenery changes completely. Beaches and coconut trees give way to landscapes that you would think come straight out of Jurassic Park! In the Deep Caledonian South nature has been preserved for millions of years. The red earth contrasts with the green forests and the blue sky. One hour from Noumea, the Blue River Park is an ideal spot for camping and fabulous hiking

  • The drowned forest in the Blue River Park

    The drowned forest and its hundreds of bleached logs

    The site is indeed an incomparable natural environment. After crossing the legendary Pont Perignon (Perignon Bridge) by foot, start out (on foot, on bike or by shuttle...) on the principal trail heading towards the Blue River valley. In the drowned forest, feast your eyes on the strange and sepulchral sight of the hundreds of bleached logs at the bottom of the artificial lake created in 1958.

  • Relics of the past mining and forestry exploitation

    Relics of the past mining and forestry exploitation

    As you continue your visit, you’ll observe some relics of the past mining and forestry exploitation that went on. But it's likely to be more the living monuments that stay topmost in your memory! The 1,000-year-old great kaori tree (2.70 meters in diameter) is an imposing sight. The same also applies to the giant houp tree and the araucaria in the houp, which is a real eccentricity of nature that brings you the vista of two majestic trees hundreds of years old intertwined in each other.

  • Cagou in the Blue River Park

    Several hundred cagou are now living in the Blue River Park

    While the park is particularly noteworthy for its flora, and the large number of endemic species, the fauna are definitely not to be ignored. The big population of cagou is just one example: this bird is emblematic of New Caledonia, and the population regeneration program undertaken by the South Province has been beneficial for it.  There are now nearly 600 individuals in the Blue River Park. Pay attention and watch out for them!

  • Mountain bike ride in the Blue River Park

    The most beautiful adventures in the park

    • Kayak through the drowned forest under a full moon
    • Discover the Giant Kaori
    • Meet wild kagous on the main road of the park
    • Climb trees and spend a night in a perched tent 
    • Embark on a sporty mountain bike ride
    • Take a family hike to the Palmetum, a former mining camp in the rain forest on the natural palm forest trail 
    • Walk up to the High Blue River and refresh yourself in its waterfalls
    • Discover the Maison du Parc, which traces the history of the place