Our events in New Caledonia

Discover the main events in New Caledonia

, à Maré

One of the most popular celebrations of the Loyalty Islands, it takes place on the beautiful site of Guahma to Nece.

, à Ouvéa

A weekend celebrating the beautiful lagoon and its pleasures (fish, seafood and nautical activities).

November , à Goro, Yaté

Each year in november, this festival celebrates sea products

June , à Borendy

Lover of local products, just curious or regular visitor to town festivals, come and participate to the Octopus festival in Néfacia!

July , à Thio

A classic of the bush, in July, in Thio-Mission

, à Païta

Discover the 23rd Cattle Fair

December , à Borendy

Farmer market focusing on seafood produce at the Néfécia site in Borendy.

July , à Canala

Each year in july, come to the Mandarin festival

September , à Nouméa

Discover the heritage month.

, à Ponérihouen

A host of stalls and attractions

, à Nouméa

Discover the Music Festival of Nouméa

September , à Poindimié

Discover this customary and traditional Kanak festival