Our events in New Caledonia

Discover the main events in New Caledonia

, à Nouméa

Spotlight on young golfers!

, à Ouvéa

Discover Ouvéa and the Waleï festival in the Héo tribe

, à Ile des Pins

23nd annual event

, à Nouméa

Full sail ahead!

, à Nouméa

One of the major sporting events of New Caledonia, around the picturesque bays of Nouméa.

, à Maré

Celebrating a freshwater spring beneath the salty sea!

, à Prony

Encounters with humpback whales

, à Blue River Park

Adventure racing for one and all

, à Fort Téremba

Music and arts festival in the heart of the outback

, à Nouméa

Gourmet indulgence!

, à Nouméa

The ultimate challenge!

, à Yaté

Discover La Pérignon