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The World War II Museum presents five French, Japanese and Iranian films inspired by the themes of war and resistance.

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Monday 25: Forbidden Games – René Clément (France, 1952), original soundtrack, kids aged 6 and over.
Tuesday 26: Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame –Hana Makhmalbaf  (Iran, 2008), original soundtrack + French subtitles, kids aged 11 and over.
Wednesday 27: Giovanni’s Island -Mizuho Nishikubo  (animated film, Japan, 2014), French soundtrack + subtitles, kids aged 11 and over.
Thursday 28: Summer of ’62 - Mehdi Charef (France, 2007) French soundtrack + subtitles, kidsaged 11 and over.
Friday 29: A Bag of Marbles - Jacques Doillon (France, 1975) original French soundtrack, kids aged 11 and over.

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