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Nouméa -

The ultimate gay travel experience returns to Anse Vata

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For the second year running, Aussie gay travel organisers TropOut have picked New Caledonia for their big 2018 festival event, featuring an unforgettable week at Château Royal Beach Resort & Spa. The TropOut slogan is “Chill, Party, Explore” and attractions include blissful relaxation, exploring local sights and culture, and 3 fab party nights.

Info and reservation:

Don’t miss the private party at Amirauté lounge bar, the electro evening at Kuendu Beach with French electro king Vitalic, and the closing evening at overwater Pop Light club on Monday 10 December.

Come chill at the coolest gay-friendly party of the year.

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December , à Houaïlou

In Houaïlou, the lychee reigns supreme

, à Nouméa

A celebration of no-holds-barred ingenuity!

, à Pouébo

Mwata, a culinary speciality with banana and coconut, cooked in the Kanak oven.