Transcal Mobil

Blue River Park -

Adventure racing for one and all


The Transcal is all about encouraging as many people as possible to take part in a fun and challenging trail race winding through some of New Caledonia's most glorious scenery. This year, New Caledonia’s iconic Transcal adventure race includes events for all the family and all levels, from the main 2-day Transcal Mobil race over 50 km to the Trans Santé race over 5 km.

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 80 52 19

There are 6 race options, all run in mixed gender teams of three.

Transcal Mobil: 50 km over 2 days. Competitors aged 16 and over.

Trans Cool Optic 2000: 14 km over one day. Competitors aged 16 and over.

Trans Santé ASS-NC: 5 km trail over a course designed to suit competitors with disabilities.

Trans Découverte KLM: shorter 25 km version of the Transcal Mobil. Competitors aged 16 and over.

TRANS Junior OPT: race over 14 km for young competitors aged 14 and over.

Trans Kids As de Trèfle: fun course featuring amusing challenges for kids aged 7 to 13.

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