Nouméa -

A legendary music festival comes to Nouméa!


Don’t miss New Caledonia’s slant on La Rochelle’s iconic music festival: 3 days of fabulous music featuring top local bands and chart-topping acts from France.
The Tjibaou Cultural Centre hosts a sparkling schedule of concerts showcasing the vibrant French-speaking music scene!

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 36 70 15

New Caledonia’s first ever Francofolies Festival is set to wow with a program of elite acts: L.E.J., Black M, Youssoufa, Cali, Boulevard des Airs… a star-studded line-up of talent from France. And popular local musicians like Julia Paul, Nasty & Reza and Section Autonome du Pacifique will be performing alongside them.

Centre Culturel Tjibaou, Espace Kâmi Yo.
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Friday, Septembre 8th

18h30 - 19h Julia Paul

19h30 - 20h15 Boulevard des Airs

20h45 - 21h15 Claudio Capéo

22h15 - 23h30 L.E.J


Saturday, Septembre 9th

16h45 - 17h15 Section Autochtone du Pacifique

17h35 - 18h05 Les 100 Fous

18h25 - 18h55 Nasty&ReZa

19h25 - 20h35 Youssoupha

21h05 - 22h35 Black M

At NC1ère village, Place des Cocotiers 12h - 17h : Le Wetr K, Gayulaz & Tyssia, Hyarison, Troc en jambes, Aro String Band, Sébastien Rob, Lyrik Kanak Gong.


Sunday, Septembre 10th

16h30 - 17h Celenod

17h20 - 17h50 Edou

18h15 - 19h15 Miossec

19h45 - 20h45 Cali

21h15 - 22h30 H.F Thiéfaine

At NC1ère village, Place des Cocotiers 11h - 16h05 : Blue Hau, Les Artgonautes du Pacifique, Moustache Gracias, Aro String Band, I NU, A7JK, Moebius 

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