Horse racing

Boulouparis -

Start of the season


And it’s first past the post for the 2019 horse racing season! Horse racing in New Caledonia goes all the way back to 16 August 1867, with Baie des Citrons beach as the venue. The NC Horse Racing Federation 2019 calendar features fifteen race meetings scheduled in the four South Province racecourses. 

Info and reservation:

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The season kicks off with the April event at R. Devaud/A. Mercier Racecourse in Boulouparis.
Located 80 km from Nouméa and one kilometre south of Boulouparis town, the racecourse boasts New Caledonia’s widest turf track (20 m), with a circuit length of 1,400 m. The left-handed oval track features a turf training area laid out inside the main track.

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