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Life in song

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With his usual impish but gentle humour, François Morel sings of first love and all its awkward, bashful, desperate and hilarious moments. He evokes the pains and torture of first love, illusions lost and regained, muddles and misunderstandings and the fiery yearnings of passion. 

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 25 50 50

François Morel presents two shows of songs: “La Vie” and “C’est aujourd’hui que je vous aime” (23 February). Seeing François Morel on stage surrounded by his friends, all brilliant musicians, is like finding a friend, someone kind and compassionate who sings to celebrate life and banish death. He sings of love, everyday life, all the absurd stuff we can’t get our heads round and draws the audience into his magical, affectionate, gently mocking world. Morel’s songs of life are balm for the soul.

Thursday 21 and Friday 22 February at 8 p.m.
Saturday 23 February at 5 p.m. & 8 p.m.

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