Art Centre opening evening

Nouméa -

A 2019 season fanfare!

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The Art Centre launches a brand new program of events with an evening featuring Liza Prouchandy, Julien InControl & Ouhlala theatre company. Three exciting performances encompassing dance, drama, music and the visual arts, showcased in the Art Centre’s flagship venues.

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 25 07 50

Professional dancer Liza Prouchandy has performed with Karbal Nouméa Ballet company, choreographer Sthan Kabar Louet, and Nyian dance company, artistic director Richard Digoué. New Caledonian artist, musician and DJ Julien IncontroL has spent half his career playing top European music scene venues and Ouhlala Company are masters of improv theatre.

Coming soon

December , à Houaïlou

In Houaïlou, the lychee reigns supreme

, à Nouméa

A celebration of no-holds-barred ingenuity!

, à Pouébo

Mwata, a culinary speciality with banana and coconut, cooked in the Kanak oven.