Situated almost halfway between Hienghène in the north and Poindimié in the south, Touho is a true crossroads between these villages on the East Coast and those on the West Coast. The great transversal road, the Koné-Tiwak and its aerodrome confirm the strategic role of this little commune.

Crossing over the central mountain range, the Koné-Tiwak road itself is a real tourist attraction, unveiling magnificent landscapes along its route. Well-equipped with numerous rest areas, places for picnics and swimming, this road offers many little corners of paradise. This is especially true at the top of the Pombeï waterfall, on the rocks which display a surprising colour, almost purple.

From Koné to Touho, one of the most beautiful tourist trails in New Caledonia

Travelling towards Touho on this road allows you to see the diversity of Caledonian scenery. Once you have left the great plains of the west behind you, crossing the central mountain range will push you straight into the heart of the country’s biggest pine forest. After crossing several of the river’s streams, you will arrive at the East Coast, which seems to be just a narrow strip of land attached to the mountains of the majestic central range.

The village of Touho, where vestiges remain of a former military fort built in 1864 and decommissioned in 1916, has seen green tourism develop around its wonderful natural sites. The Lévêque, Tianite or Thiem beaches, a great many refreshing water-holes come summer, the Kokingone waterfall or the Tipindié River, on which you can sail in a dugout canoe, are as attractive an invitation to relax as the exoticness.

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  • Telephone: + 687 42 88 07 / + 687 86 27 60
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Touho in the East coast of New Caledonia
Practical information

The Touho mission was founded in 1853 by two Marist Fathers, Benoît Forestier and Jean Vigouroux. It is one of the oldest missions in New Caledonia. Originally the first plans for the church, built at the heart of the mission, were designed by Père Vigouroux. In 1862, a little more than ten years later, the mission was attacked. It would then be set on fire and destroyed by an apparent 2,000 warriors from the surrounding tribes.  It would take until 1885 and 5 years of work for the church to be re-built. Today it is classed as a heritage site by the Northern Province.

Discover the must-sees in Touho

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What to do in Touho

From the mountain ridges to the magnificent seabed at the Touho reef

While a lovely walk along the mountain ridges allows you to enjoy exceptional panoramic views, those who are more inclined to visit the depths than to view the peaks can enjoy remarkable diving spots.

Practically at home in Touho, manta rays seem to be waiting for the divers who come to see them to start their magnificent underwater movements. A Caledonian diving must-see at the heart of UNESCO World Heritage reef system...

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