Tribu de Oui Poin - Chez Élise

Land-based activities

Information and booking:

Visit the Oui Poin tribal village and learn aboutthe Kanak way of life and their customs.

  • Reservation required.

Be welcomed by Élise at the Oui Poin tribal village and discover Kanak culture and tribal life. Nestled in the foothills of the Main Island’s mountain range, the area is a true haven of peace for nature-lovers. You can also see the land through bushwalks or horse riding with Elise’s son, Yohann.

To know :

    Provided services :

  • Visit/Walk

  • Hiking

  • Horse trekking

  • Tribal village activities

  • Communal dining (table d'hôtes)

Rate :

Outings/activities CFP Dollar
Horse trekking
Half day 6000 56
Full day 12000 113
2 days 25000 235