Where to Stay in New Caledonia

Planning a trip to New Caledonia? Not sure what each of the archipelago’s destinations has to offer accommodation-wise? Browse through our guide on where to stay in New Caledonia to find out what kind of accommodation you’ll find, top attractions and more.


Nouméa, Anse-Vata

What’s in Nouméa?

The capital of New Caledonia, Nouméa is home to a wide variety of attractions and experiences. From great shopping and incredible French food to the captivating exhibitions at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre and the Museum of New Caledonia, there’s something for just about any visitor to this stunning South Pacific city.

Consider staying in Nouméa if… it’s your first time visiting New Caledonia. Nouméa is a great place to start, offering a taste of the archipelago’s unique cultural flavours, cuisine, lifestyle and more. Nouméa can be easily accessed via direct flights from Auckland and Australia’s east coast capitals, making it the perfect destination to kick off your New Caledonian escape.

Nouméa Accommodation

A number of great accommodation options are available across Nouméa, making it easy to find somewhere that suits your budget and personal preferences. Unwind in a beachside hotel suite, cosy up in a charming bed and breakfast or put your feet up and forget the worries of the world at relaxing resort. If you’re planning to travel with the whole family in tow, the city’s furnished apartments are another great option to consider.


Maré, Loyalty Islands

What’s in Maré?

While Nouméa may be best known for its cosmopolitan culture and eclectic dining scene, some of Maré’s best assets are certainly its incredible natural attractions. From a natural aquarium and some incredible beaches to the captivating Warrior’s Leap and the spectacular Shabadran Terraces, it feels as though there’s a new adventure around almost every corner.

Consider staying in Maré if… you’re wanting to get away from it all. As the most easterly of the Loyalty Islands, Maré offers a sense of unspoilt beauty, where local traditions have gone unchanged for generations and the landscape remains untouched by modern development. From exploring dense forest to lazing on fine sand beaches, there are so many incredible ways to spend your time.

Maré Accommodation

Situated within the remote Loyalty Islands group, accommodation in Maré is quite limited. Choose to unwind in one of Maré’s modest hotel rooms, pitch a tent and enjoy the serenity of the island’s campsites, or embrace the opportunity to learn more about the local culture with a tribal homestay.


Ouvéa, Loyalty Islands

What’s in Ouvéa?

Situated northwest of Maré, Ouvéa has been described by some as the closest island to paradise, and for good reason. Bordered by beautiful beaches and peppered by some incredible attractions, including the Hanawa Blue Hole and the immaculate 25 km coastline stretch known as Fayaoué Beach, a visit to Ouvéa is a true feast for the senses.

Consider staying in Ouvéa if… you’re hoping to focus on the simpler things. Another of New Caledonia’s islands that has remained largely untouched by the modern world, life in Ouvéa is both laidback and awe inspiring. With countless places to lay down your beach towel, snorkel until your heart’s content or set out on a new adventure surrounded by nature, there’s no way to go wrong with a stay in Ouvéa.

Ouvéa Accommodation

Settle into a luxury beach bungalow for the duration of your stay or choose a more authentic accommodation option to help make your holiday one to remember. Set up camp at one of the island’s budget-friendly campsites or spend a night or two at a tribal homestay for a taste of traditional Ouvéan life.

Isle of Pines

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

What’s in the Isle of Pines?

Perhaps one of New Caledonia’s best known destinations, the Isle of Pines remains a firm favourite among international visitors. Offering countless things to see, do and discover, from snorkelling and sailing to hiking, swimming and more, the beauty of the Isle of Pines is among its greatest drawcards. Oro Bay, Upi Bay, Kuto Bay, and some intriguing remnants from the island’s time as a penal colony shouldn’t be missed.

Consider staying in the Isle of Pines if… you’re searching for the perfect romantic escape. From beautiful bays and beaches with pure white sands to the island’s iconic pines, a visit to the Isle of Pines offers the perfect setting to disconnect from the stresses of modern living and reconnect with the most important people in your life. Embrace the opportunity to explore together or simply enjoy some quality time in each other’s company.

Isle of Pines Accommodation

From traditional Melanesian huts and basic campsites to secluded bungalows and deluxe hotel suites, the accommodation options on the Isle of Pines are quite varied. Keep things simple with accommodation that provides you with just the essentials, or indulge with great service and amenities at one of the island’s hotels.

Great South

Blue River Park, New Caledonia

What’s in the Great South?

Home to landscapes that span from spectacular coastline and lush rainforest to rugged mining lands, there’s no doubt that the Great South region of New Caledonia is incredibly diverse. Attractions such as Blue River Park and the Madeleine Waterfalls showcase the region’s natural beauty, while other local gems, including Prony Village, offer a window into the history of the Great South.

Consider staying in the Great South if… you’re craving adventure. Peppered with nature parks, mountain biking trails and other fantastic natural attractions, the Great South is a great place to get active, whether you’re interested in hiking, exploring on two wheels, or simply exploring at your own pace. Take on the GR®1 hiking trail, make your way to the summit of Mont-Dore or set out on an adventure through Blue River Park.

Great South Accommodation

Whether you’re searching for a slice of waterfront serenity, are looking for the perfect introduction to traditional island life or are craving the opportunity to get back to basics, the varied accommodation found across the Great South has you covered. Pitch a tent at a local campsite, settle in for a stay in a picturesque bungalow or treat yourself to a hotel room with a view.


Lifou, Loyalty Islands

What’s in Lifou?

The largest of the Loyalty Islands, Lifou is perhaps best known for its beautiful beaches, dramatic landscapes and fantastic snorkelling. Home to forests filled with native flora, as well as world-renowned vanilla plantations, there are so many incredible ways to get to know the island.

Consider staying in Lifou if… you’re chasing breathtaking scenery. A true island of contrasts, both Lifou’s coastline and its interior are abundant in spectacular landscapes, providing the perfect backdrop to countless adventures. Marvel at the pure white sands of Luengoni Beach, admire the rugged beauty of the Jokin Cliffs or spend time hiking through lush forest areas.

Lifou Accommodation

Enjoy an introduction to the island’s traditional way of life with a night or two in an authentic thatched hut, keep things simple with a stay at a local campsite or enjoy the conveniences offered by a beachside hotel. Whatever the reason for your visit or the length of your stay, it’s easy to find an accommodation option to match your needs in Lifou.

East Coast

Kanak Culture, New Caledonia

What’s on the East Coast?

A narrow strip of land situated between the ocean and Grand Terre’s central mountain range, New Caledonia’s East Coast remains largely untouched by modern development. Home to a large Kanak population, the region offers a sense of authenticity and is rich with tradition. Great snorkelling can be found at Poindimié, while the Tao Falls at Hienghène are one of the region’s must-sees.

Consider staying on the East Coast if… you’re wanting to learn more about the local culture. With a large Kanak population and a landscape that has remained unchanged for generations, a visit to New Caledonia’s East Coast reveals plenty of opportunities to encounter the region’s rich traditions. Enjoy an unforgettable stay with a local tribe, dine on regional delicacies or take the time to simply soak up the vibrancy of this unique South Pacific culture.

East Coast Accommodation

Varying from basic campsites and charming bed and breakfasts to hotels, furnished accommodation and tribal stays, the accommodation options available on the East Coast are diverse. Learn about traditional culture as you live, sleep and eat among the locals, enjoy all the conveniences of an established hotel or revel in the freedom that comes from a camping holiday. 

West Coast

Horseback riding, New Caledonia

What’s on the West Coast?

Stretching from Grand Terre’s northernmost tip to the area just north of Nouméa, New Caledonia’s West Coast is known by some as ‘cowboy country’, and for good reason. Vast plains in the north lend themselves to livestock farming, while beautiful stretches of coastline provide the perfect contrast. Rich with history and natural beauty, attractions such as the iconic Heart of Voh and intriguing Fort Téremba remain popular with visitors from across the globe.

Consider staying on the West Coast if… you’d like to discover a different side of New Caledonia. A little more rugged than other areas of New Caledonia, the West Coast offers New Caledonian bush experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Meet real life cowboys, attend a rodeo or set out on a horseback adventure that you certainly won’t forget in a hurry.

West Coast Accommodation

Boasting one of the most diverse accommodation selections in the archipelago, the West Coast offers visitors the choice of hotel suites, bed and breakfasts, furnished accommodation, campsites, tribal stays, and more. Whether you’re wanting to get back to basics, indulge in a 5-star hotel experience or find somewhere that’ll keep the whole family happy, you’ll find plenty of great options to choose from across the West Coast.


Find the perfect accommodation for your needs and set out on a New Caledonian adventure to remember!