While Poum retains a veil of magic in the eyes of the Caledonians, it certainly owes this to its geographical location. Situated at the northernmost tip of the Grande Terre, the commune, established not that long ago (1977), is a place which seems to exist outside of time, the perfect location for an exotic and tranquil trip.

The road which begins at Koumac and leads to Poum, then to Poingam, and finally to Boat Pass, is as beautiful as it is spectacular.  With a bit of luck, sooner or later along the road you will bump into several little groups of wild horses, who have chosen these semi-arid and unpopulated lands as their home. The impression of being at the ends of the earth inevitably comes back at full speed!

With high-quality welcoming facilities and authentic cottages which charmed visitors can rent, Poum has some real tourist attractions which enhance its wonderful natural potential.

Moving inland, walks in the Ougne forest, at the heart of the Arama village, or excursions to the mine at Pilou, are unmissable sites for a stay in the area. And the lagoon is every bit as good as the land!

A registered UNESCO World Heritage site, the Poum lagoon and its reef form a real natural wonder

Many different day trips by boat to the islands off the coast, fishing on the sand shoals in the sea or scuba divingtaxi-boat are just some of the activities that Poum is the perfect setting for.

Nothing surprising about that! The Poum lagoon is an integral part of the North and East Coast Zone, a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. At the heart of the lagoon, and on the reefs around its channels, extraordinary underwater biodiversity awaits divers searching for beauty and sensation.  The sea’s omnipresence is additionally represented each year in May by the Sea Festival.

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Poum sur la côte ouest de la Province Nord en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Practical information

While Poum is without doubt one of the Caledonian communes with the most inhabited islands (Baaba, Yandé, Taanio and Yenghébane), it also boasts as many uninhabited islands, some of which have recently experienced their fifteen minutes of fame. Some of these islands, in the Malabou archipelago, played host in 2010 to the second special edition of Koh-Lanta: Clash of the Heroes. They can be reached by taxi-boat in the mildest conditions!

Discover the must-sees in Poum

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What to do in Poum?

One last piece of advice for those who have the joy of staying in Poum: Take a detour to the magnificent Nennon beach.

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