The recent installation of a five-star hotel on the Deva estate was no accident. Since New Zealander soldiers set up a “vacation” camp at La Roche Percée in 1942, Bourail has become a top tourism spot in New Caledonia. From the sky, the lagoon and its lenticular reef, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is simply perfection.

In the central mountain chain, the tribes of Ny, Azareu, Pothé and Bouirou offer a range of activities that combine cultural heritage (petroglyphs, sacrificial tables and a chapel), encounters (the Bouirou market, for instance) and sports (swimming, trail hiking, mountain bike etc.).

A richly built heritage

The village itself includes several cultural treasures, from the lighthouse at Gouaro to the old military post office, including the central magazine, which now houses the Bourail Museum. You can even see the last guillotine that was used in New Caledonia! Shortly before arriving in Bourail from Nouméa, you can stop at the New Zealand military cemetary. As a haven of peace and a place of memorial, the site has serene beauty.

The Deva Estate: one of the most beautiful “playgrounds” in New Caledonia

Overlapping the land and the ocean, the Deva Estate is set to become one of the top tourism spots in New Caledonia. You can hike or go horseback-riding, go paragliding, biking or play golf. The choices are endless.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Bourail lagoon and its lenticular reef boasts stunning beauty

It’s impossible to stay in Bourail without visiting the Roche Percée. As a true institution to the Caledonians, this coastal zone includes two of the country’s symbols, the Bonhomme and the Three-bay trail and faces an almost legendary island, Île Verte.

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Bourail sur la côte ouest de la Province Sud en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Practical information

The recent development in tourism in the region hasn’t forgotten about its rural history. As a land of “stockmen” (the local cowboys), Bourail hosts a fair every year around August 15 at the Téné hippodrome, one of the largest events in New Caledonia, with nearly 25,000 visitors. Since the first modern edition in 1977 (the original fair took place in 1877), the fair has become increasingly famous. Its Sunday rodeo in particular is a great gathering of people who come together to salute the stars of the fair, the stockmen!

Discover the must-sees in Bourail

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What to do in Bourail?

The beach at Poé is 2.5km long and is a paradise for kitesurfers who take advantage of the ideally oriented spot.

This is also an ideal place for family swimming with its shallow waters. Recently, a biodiversity marine trail was marked offshore from the beach. Accessible by taxi-boat, you can safely and serenely explore the sea floor with only a snorkel kit.

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