Settler Valley
1 day

Discover on foot the facades of Colonial Houses 

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-Colonial gem tour
-Chateau Hagen visit
-Old house fronts

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Now, the Settler Valley is a neighbourhood to the right of the Engineering Valley, in the city centre.
This district shelters several old houses built from 1858 to 1960.
Our tour allows you to discover 40 facades of old houses from 1880 to 1950.
We will explain the architectural style, year of construction and the techniques used by the owners to build their homes.
For simplicity, you have two traffic lanes: horizontally, rue Bénébig and vertically, rue Charleroi, as the city of Belgium.
During this tour, we will focus on the northern part of Benebig Street. In this neighbourhood, two settlers bought large parcels of land: Mr. Bataille Victor who bought about 50% of the northern neighbourhood above Bénebig Street to Nicolas Hagen Street. And Mr. Merano Joseph, a businessman.
The particularity of this district is that it is not close to the sea: in other words, it is very hot in these valleys during the hot season (December to March).
Come and admire with us the facades of these old colonial houses.