New Caledonia’s Harbours

All immigration formalities for entry to New Caledonia have to be completed in Noumea.  Some administrative procedures are required prior to arrival in the harbour or at anchor.  Nouméa is a dynamic town in the South Pacific and you won’t regret stopping off here.


  • Before arriving in Nouméa
  • Harbour Life
  • Around Nouméa
  • Trips to Loyalty Islands
  • Before leaving

Before arriving in Nouméa

On approaching Nouméa, sailors must call «Port Moselle» en VHF (Channel 67) or «Port du Sud» (24 47 77). On arrival, each crew member must present a current passport and visa, depending on the nationality. Don’t forget to fly your yellow flag until formalities have been completed! At Port Moselle, stays are limited to 3 days in high season (15 May – 15 December) and 6 days in low season. At Port du Sud, visitors can stay for one month, except in the case of cyclone alerts. Be careful if arriving into the bay at night, as many boats are moored there without anchor lights.

For more information :

Port Moselle Harbour Master’s Office (Capitainerie de Port Moselle) : - +687 27 71 97
Customs Service: - +687 26 53 85
Border Police: - +687 24 32 00
Here is the arrival form for yachts to be handled to the quarantine officer during the biosecurity inspection.
Sivap - Veterinary, Food and Phytosanitary Department : - +687 78 26 81


Harbour Life

Both the Port Moselle and Port du Sud harbours in Noumea have toilet facilities, water, electricity, laundry and a petrol station. Free Wi-Fi is available at Port Moselle. Close by, you can eat at restaurants offering French and New Caledonia cuisine, visit shopping centres or enjoy sports activities such as diving! There are many boat repair services, fittings, spare parts and equipment to be found in Noumea. If work is required, boats in transit are eligible for tax refunds on spare parts.

For more information

The New Caledonia Stopover Guide Book (Le guide Carnet d’escales en Nouvelle-Calédonie)


Around Nouméa

The South Province 120 moorings in protected marine areas around Nouméa. Escapade Island (Ilot Maitre), Signal Islet and Larégnère islet , (Ilot Signal and ilot Larégnère)have beautiful beaches, barbecue areas and snorkelling. To moor at anchor, slowly approach the buoys, sailing into the wind or current. Watch out for any swimmers or other boats, which are already moored. Finally, check the condition of your mooring.  Before leaving, remember to find out about tides, to avoid being marooned on an islet!

For more information

A guide to the lagoon is available on the South Province website
Sailing Guide to New Caledonia Guide nautique de Nouvelle-Calédonie
To check the tides : or use the app. Tides NC (Marées NC)available on iOS and Android:

google play bouton  app store bouton


Trips to Loyalty Islands

If you would like to visit Loyalty Islands, please contact the Wé marina (Lifou).
Approval is now required for sailing trips to Ouvéa, Lifou or Maré.

Wé marina
Tel. : +687 45 10 62
Email :
Very high frequency/VHF : Canal 67
7/7 24h/24

On the Isle of Pines

Only anchoring in Kuto Bay is permitted. Before going to the Isle of Pines, sailors must contact the gendarmerie and the town hall of the Isle of Pines.

Gendarmerie of the Isle of Pines : - +687 44 87 85
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (7:30 – 11:30am & 1:30 – 5:30pm), Sunday and public holidays (7:30-11:30am & 2:30-5:30pm)

Town hall (Mairie de l'Île des Pins): - +687 46 11 03
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday (7:30 – 11:30am & 00:30 – 4:30pm) and Friday (7:30-11:30am & 00:30-3:30pm)

Before leaving

Departure formalities must be completed within the 24 hours prior to leaving New Caledonia and no later than the Friday for boats leaving on a weekend.  After departing Noumea, vessels are not allowed to stop anywhere in New Caledonia, including the Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands.