NEW CALEDONIA China sales mission: 2nd China Roadshow for Caledonian tourism

New Caledonia Tourism, accompanied by Aircalin, GLP Hotels, Marriott New Caledonia, Noumea Travel Specialist and South Pacific Tours, organised its second roadshow in China from 11 to 15 June. The New Caledonian delegates met with Chinese tourism industry professionals in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. Three intensive days presenting the destination and updating progress in welcoming Chinese tourists.

roadshow - chine


The "NEW CALEDONIA China Sales Mission" roadshow involved around ten local participants (NCT, Aircalin, GLP hotels, Marriott New Caledonia, Noumea Travel Specialist and South Pacific Tours), who travelled to China to present the destination and meet with 150 tourism professionals/media during three key dates: 11 June in Beijing, 13 June in Chengdu and 15 June in Shanghai.

The roadshows in Beijing (11 June) and Shanghai (15 June) began with a press conference, followed by a presentation of the destination and the tourism service providers, before finishing with individual one-on-one meetings with Chinese tour operators. At each roadshow there was a chance to win two trips, offered by the New Caledonian delegates, in order to give tour operators the opportunity to discover New Caledonia and thus better sell it to their market.   
At Chengdu, on 13 June, the New Caledonian delegation visited the Chinese tour operators' offices, both to understand how they function and to raise awareness of the destination.

More than just an introduction to New Caledonia, these three days also provided the opportunity to inform the Chinese industry professionals about the tourism initiatives which have been or will be made by the destination:

  • Visa

Following the granting of Approved Destination Status (ADS), the French government has issued a decree permitting exemption from visa requirements for Chinese nationals living in China and visiting New Caledonia for a holiday of less than 15 days, providing they arrive in a group of 5 people (or more), accompanied by a group leader and organised by an accredited Chinese travel agency.

  •  Internet site 

In addition to having a representative in four Chinese cities since 1 January, NCTPS announced the launch of its international website, fully translated into Chinese:

  • 2 new charter flights

Two more charter flights, each carrying 260 passengers, are scheduled from 27 September to 11 October 2018 and from 5 October to 11 October 2018.  The two trips will be operated by the Chinese tour operator CAISSA, in partnership with Aircalin and Noumea Travel Specialist. The packages include nights in the Marriott and Oure Lodge Hotels, Isle of Pines, the Château Royal Beach Resort & Spa and various activity options. 


It’s clear that the first charter in February has aroused interest and a keen desire among the Chinese tourism professionals.  It now remains to continue promoting the destination and meeting the market's expectations.  

There’ll certainly be no lack of business in the future, should there be a direct flight, visa exemption for individual tourists, improved WIFI access, a wider choice of Duty Free offers, acceptance of Union Pay China credit cards…

New Caledonia Tourism, an overview:
New Caledonia Tourism (NCTPS) is an Economic Interest Group (GIE) and is the link between its institutional partners and the tourism sector professionals, ensuring tourism is promoted from:
- New Caledonia to the international market, under the brand of “New Caledonia, Pacific Heart”
- the South Province to the local market under the brand of “Destination South Province”
Founded in 2001, it is financed by the South Province and also by its local industry professional members. It is based in Nouméa, with representation in France, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Italy and China.