Between the North,  the East and West Coasts, the New Caledonian bush has many faces. To the east, the Kanak gardens are an oasis of sweetness and rest. The West Coast is the kingdom of stockmen and large cattle farm. Once a year experience this universe for yourself at the famous Bourail Fair.

Discover the Bush

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  • New Caledonia bush landscape

    The West Coast bush spirit

    The West Coast is a route rich in experiences. Between the regions of La Foa, Sarramea, and Farino, the true green lung of the main island and home to the beautiful Giant Fern Park, colonial vestiges of Fort Teremba and the semi-desert reaches of the North, the journey promises many surprises.

  • Stockman station in Boulouparis

    Bush nature

    On the West Coast, the landscape is made up of grassland dotted with paperbark trees and mountains running from the assault of the sun, forming steep slopes covered with dense vegetation. Small, hidden valleys for you to explore, especially Farino and Sarraméa, will bring you closer to the tribes that are also found along the route.

  • Stockman station in Boulouparis

    Staying in the bush

    There are many guest houses along your way, but also prestigious hotels such as the Sheraton in the preserved area of Deva in Bourail, facing the lagoon. On the West Coast, most of the inhabitants are worthy heirs to the early settlers. They preserve even today the efforts of their ancestors and offer, especially in the Welcome to the Farm  (Bienvenue à La Ferme) network, the discovery of a special way of life, very much attached to the land.

  • Stockman station in Boulouparis

    Bush life

    Between hunting from horseback on the properties of stockmen who have taken the American style of cattle raising, right down to the Stetsons on their heads, net fishing on the fish-filled lagoon of the Far Nord, or tasting typical local table d'hôtes dishes, the New Caledonian bush is proud to cultivate authenticity: sharing, a sense of welcome, and the desire to perpetuate a peaceful life in the heart of incredible nature.

  • East coast, kanak tribe

    The East Coast another bush

    Called the Cradle of the Kanak Soul, the East Coast is no less a bush area. On the road along the East Coast, the salty sea air mixes with that of the exuberant nature surrounding you.

    Tribal life reigns here. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the Kanak tribes and live the gentle rhythm of the Pacific, hiking, harvesting, and exploring the lagoon. Staying this a tribe will let you discover and share in the customs and traditions of the Pacific.

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