Although surfing isn’t the most common board sport in New Caledonia, it is still widely enjoyed. Between traditional surfing, shortboarding, longboarding and other options, you certainly won’t have a hard time finding the right board and spot for your own New Caledonia surfing adventure!

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  • Wave in Bourail in New Caledonia

    Hit the waves

    Let’s admit it, surfing in New Caledonia isn’t as easy as windsurfing or kitesurfing, not because of the technique involved, but because of the accessibility of the surfing spots. To surf in New Caledonia, you’ll need to take a boat to reach the barrier reef and the waves, navigating passes and dead-ends. These constraints do mean that you’ll require some extra time, but do save energy for those who are willing to make the effort. Once you’re in place, you won’t miss a single wave!

  • Surf in Bourail in New Caledonia

    Great conditions

    New Caledonia is still one of the best destinations in the region for surfing thanks to its location. The swells, generated by depressions that form between Tasmania and New Zealand, are particularly good. Between May and September, conditions are just right, leading to the formation of waves up to 4.5 m in height and almost perfect wind conditions. In the mid-summer, swells are smaller, but still make for great surfing sessions. Year round, waters are warm enough to surf without a wetsuit, while the crystal clear waters make it easy to see local marine species, such as dolphins and turtles, in the wild. Quite different to surfing in other parts of the world, New Caledonia boasts countless untouched surfing spots to discover.

  • Surf in Bourail in New Caledonia

    The dream spot at Bourail

    One of the best reputed spots for surfing in New Caledonia is found at Bourail, just in front of La Roche Percée. One of the only beach breaks in New Caledonia, it is also among one of the most accessible when compared to the archipelago’s reef breaks. Gouaro and Snorky are two right-breaking spots, but you can also surf the three left-breaking spots at Secret, les Ronfleurs and Ile Verte. Other spots are available nearby that are a little calmer and perfect for beginners.

  • Gouaro reef spot in Bourail in New Caledonia

    Surfers love the lagoon

    Surfers who set out from the Roche Percée are fully aware of the fragility of the site and often take the time to appreciate its wonders. Do as they do and don’t disturb the sea turtles that come to the shore to lay their eggs. If you have the chance, take a moment or two to really soak up this special moment. Quite unlike anything else, the opportunity to see the baby turtles make their way into the ocean is also one to look out for.

  • Surfer in Bourail in New Caledonia

    New Caledonia surf trips

    If you’re interested in setting out on a surf trip of your own, get in touch with one of the following operators:

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