The natural aquarium and Pethoen cave

Maré island is brimming with natural curiosities that you can discover in one day if you have access to a car, or are willing to pedal hard enough on a rented bicycle!

Natural curiosities

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  • The natural aquarium in MarĂ© the Loyalty Islands

    Crystal clear water

    Around three kilometers from Tadine, a track enters the undergrowth and offers access to a kind of swimming pool carved out of coral known as the natural aquarium, with crystal clear water.

  • Grotto in MarĂ© the Loyalty Islands

    In the heart of tropical forest

    And if the aquarium hasn’t cooled you off quite enough, around ten kilometers further on, you can always opt for a visit to Pethoen cave, which is also hidden in the tropical forest. Its vault is covered with impressive stalagtites.