Interview with Jordan Bruno

New Caledonia - Q&A for Jordan Bruno

Bruno Jordan


     1. Jordan, did you know much about New Caledonia prior to going? 


Nope, I knew absolutely nothing about New Caledonia, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got there!


     2. What did you experience when you were there? Is there anything that really surprised you?


I was seriously wowed when I went to New Caledonia. It had the amazing food and culture you would expect to experience in France, while having the incredible landscapes you would associate with an island paradise. I haven’t seen anywhere like it.


     3. What were your favourite local spots?


When you have the most beautiful reef and largest lagoon in the world at your doorstep… you need to make the most of it, so snorkelling, jet skiing, swimming and walks on the beach were some of the key highlights of my trip.


     4. As My Kitchen Rules semi-finalist, we know you love food! What were some of the culinary highlights that you found?


I wasn’t expecting such a delicious array of French cuisine. I could happily live on foie gras and pate, and New Caledonia had some of the best I have ever tried!  On top of this, the local fresh fish and seafood blew my mind.


     5. Did you have a favourite dish and/or foodie experience?


My favorite dish was from the seafood market… it was simply fresh local fish, with chili, lime juice and fresh coconut. Although it was simple, I will never forget how fresh and vibrant it was.


     6. Was it all just eating? What else did you get up to?


I like to spend most of my time eating, but I did manage to spend a little bit of time doing some other things whilst in New Caledonia. I got to travel around to different islands, do some snorkelling, ride a jet ski, experience the incredible nightlife, make the most of the great hotel facilities and just relax. I’m really looking forward to returning soon and doing it all again.


     7. How did you find the LGBTI scene in New Caledonia? Was there anything that you think this community would particular love?


The LGBTI community in New Caledonia was so warm and welcoming. I was able to meet so many locals who made me feel at home, showed us around the beautiful island and gave us a special behind-the-scenes tour of the nightlife hotspots. I think the local community is really looking forward to an LGBTI focused event. The island doesn’t have a designated gay club, so I think TropOut would mean a lot to the locals and be a great chance for this community to come together.


     8. What’s in store for travellers at TropOut New Caledonia 2017?


The best thing about TropOut is that there is something for everyone. You can have the most relaxing week of your life, with the pristine white-sand beaches, luxurious spa facilities and delicious wine tastings. Alternatively, there is wind surfing, snorkelling and jet skiing for the adrenalin seekers. There is a host of amazing bars and nightlife for the more wild party-goers - the TropOut organisers have some pretty awesome parties planned!

You can do everything you love at TropOut, while feeling welcome and safe, I have no doubt everyone will leave with so many more friends and already planning TropOut New Caledonia 2018.


     9. Describe your ultimate New Caledonia day?


I think New Caledonia has the most stunning beaches so that is where I would have to spend my day. I’d start with a morning swim before hopping around the islands, going for a snorkel and a jet ski where I can… obviously eating all the incredible local produce as I go. To finish I would head to a bar and share a few drinks with friends. That is my idea of a perfect holiday.


     10. What advice would you give to travellers planning a trip to New Caledonia?


Make sure you pack lots of sunscreen and swimmers, this island has some of the most gorgeous and diverse landscapes in the world and you are going to want to experience them all. Alternatively, prepare to relax and unwind - there is no stress in New Caledonia – it’s ‘island time’.


     11. What is top of your list when you head back in May?


Honestly, I’m really looking forward to just relaxing and chilling by the beach and meeting other gay and like-minded travellers while eating fresh produce. It doesn’t get better than that.