Underwater Photo Festival

Nouméa -

Life beneath the waves

  • Festival de l'image sous-marine New Caledonia

At a glance

Sponsored by Sublimage Association, the Festival is your gateway to the secret wonders of the sumptuous underwater world with an array of photos, screenings (clips and videos), conferences & exhibitions.
Highlights include screenings of award-winning international films from the 30th Strasbourg FEISME* event, plus locally produced films.

Info and booking:

The Festival has a twofold mission: welcoming one and all to a celebration of underwater images held in both Noumea and in the bush, and helping to raise awareness about marine environment issues.
This year’s Festival features five competitions: short films, video clips, slide shows, photographs & themed series of 5 photos.
Distinguished filmmaker Gil KebaĂŻli, whose ocean documentaries are screened worldwide, will preside over this 9th Festival.
* European Festival of Underwater Images & the Environment.

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October , Ă  HouaĂŻlou

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, à Nouméa

A celebration of no-holds-barred ingenuity!

, à Pouébo

Mwata, a culinary speciality with banana and coconut, cooked in the Kanak oven.