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Throughout February, as the sun prepares to rise, Roche Percée beach at Bourail becomes the stage for a rare and heart-stirring spectacle: the hatching of baby turtles!

Info and booking:

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Nesting adults laid a record number of eggs in December and January, and the hatchlings are now emerging and making their way to the sea. The baby turtles tend to hatch at night but the last to emerge do so in the very early morning. The Lagoon Aquarium organises special visits to the beach, in partnership with sea turtle protection association Bwärä Tortues Marines.
Your day starts at 5 a.m. with a welcoming snack in the first Roche Percée car park, before you set off for the beach. Members of the research team will lead you carefully and quietly to a spot where you can watch the tiny turtles emerging and setting off on their journey to the sea. With friends, family or alone, it’s an unforgettable experience. Please note: group numbers are restricted to ensure hatchlings are not disturbed as they make their way across the sand.

1st to 29 February
No bookings allowed on the spot.

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