Giant Omelette Festival

Dumbéa -

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At a glance

The Giant Omelette Festival takes place every year around Easter time in Dumbéa (Fayard park), just outside of Nouméa. People celebrate the creation of a giant omelette in remembrance of Napoleon demanding it be made for his soldiers by the townspeople of Bessieres. Be sure to arrive hungry!

Enjoy shows, concerts, attractions, merry-go-round and the famous giant omelette!

Info and booking:

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The Order of the Knights of the Dumbéa Giant Omelette is in charge of culinary operations. Seven hundred dozen eggs (8,400 in all) are required to make the mammoth omelette, divided into 3,000 portions and served up to fairgoers.
Program :
Saturday 25 April: attractions, live music events and shows, plusMister and Miss Dumbéa contests.
Sunday 26 April: concoction and serving of the giant omelette.

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