Events in New Caledonia

Want to know what’s on in New Caledonia? Check out the fantastic events taking place across the archipelago’s islands, regions and cities, and start planning a holiday quite unlike any other. From sporting competitions and live performances to exhibitions and cultural celebrations, there are countless events in New Caledonia just waiting to be discovered. With so many great things to see and do, every visit to the archipelago reveals new and interesting events to attend and enjoy, as well as some old favourites, such as Bastille Day, the Avocado Festival and the Bourail Agricultural Fair

Filter our event database by the month you’ll be visiting and where you’re looking to travel, and plan a trip that allows you to experience some of the best events in New Caledonia!

, à Nouméa

Mind games

, à Nouméa

Let's go party! 

, à Yaté

Join the team for a magic moment

, à Bourail

Trick or Treat! 

, à Lifou

Welcome to Luengöni

, à Koumac

Make the most of Heritage Days events!

, à Nouméa

Great news for jazz fans! 

, à Nouméa

Baie des Citrons is the venue for a 4-day Kizomba Festival

, à Nouméa

All-night techno fest

, à Païta

Exclusive show

, à Nouméa

Local craftspeople in the spotlight. 

, à Nouméa

Surface watersports race of the year!