New Caledonia deserves a longer trip to be discovered.

Idyllic islands

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  • Lifou Loyalty islands, New Caledonia

    The islanders take cruise visitors to their hearts...

    In the islands, in Lifou and Maré residents give cruise visitors a special welcome. In Lifou, for example, once the ship has anchored in stunning Sandalwood Bay, no effort is spared to give passengers an exciting, idyllic and colourful day... Lifou style! Delicious local bougna, weaving workshops, massages, island tours and dream beaches... a profusion of delights!

  • lifou - bay - loyalty islands

    Lifou, in the heart of the Kanak world

    Lifou, known as Drehu in the Kanak language, offers far more than just magnificent scenery as the whole population come together to give their best to their visitors. And yet this large coral island's natural setting alone would have more than enough to satisfy the most demanding of tourists, with the turquoise waters of its glorious bays, impressive cliffs, lush tropical forests and immense caves. It's far from folklore; direct contact with the tribal inhabitants allows cruise passengers to enter the Kanak soul and the vitality of the custom that lies at the heart of their way of life, their arts and knowledge. Don't miss this opportunity to see the famous Wetr group with their traditional songs and dances, find out exactly how the locally-grown vanilla is cultivated, dive on one of the world's richest reefs, teeming with life, or enjoy their culinary delights and craft work.

    “Wow, what an amazing experience. Highly recommend snorkeling at Jenik Bay.” – Cruise Critic Member Sarah77

  • Maré Loyalty islands, New Caledonia

    Maré, a wild beauty

    Maré, know as Nengone in the Kanak language, is the new, up-and-coming port of call in New Caledonia. This incredible coral atoll, emerging up out of the water through the telluric activity of the Pacific Ocean, and surrounded by huge cliffs (up to 130 m high) is in fact attracting more and more cruise passengers. Its spectacular wild beauty is combined with the hospitality of its inhabitants, for whom the warm reception of passengers is a vital economic gift. Its massive stone walls, its breathtaking waterholes, and its deserted beaches, all contribute to give cruise passengers the feeling they've entered the garden of Eden, cut off from the world, with any worries left far behind. Unique!

New Caledonia is waiting for you

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