In the space of a few years, New Caledonia has become a key destination for cruise ships departing from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. Over half a million passengers step ashore in New Caledonia every year to find a wide range of services on offer.

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  • Cruise map in the Isle of Pines

    Paradise for those in love

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  • upi bay- isle of pines

    The Isle of Pines, idyllic beaches

    From the moment they first arrive in Kuto bay, every cruise passenger is stunned by the natural beauty of the place. The Isle of Pines is an untouched jewel, a true paradise on earth. Its lush interior of columnar pines and coconut palms gives way to long, fine white sand beaches, which merge into the crystal-clear turquoise waters. This is the picture postcard setting where visitors receive a warm welcome from the local people, with traditional songs and dances and a host of activities, goods and produce available for purchase. This is the starting point for cruise passengers to explore the whole island and the mysteries it holds: scuba diving & snorkelling to explore the extensive underwater fauna, cultural trips, an island tour by boat to explore its bays and so much more.

    “Easy walk to beach and just behind that, the best snorkeling spot ever...Light blue warm sea and fishes and coral…” – Cruise Critic Member gazznet

  • Relax in the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

    It’s the same picture on the Isle of Pines …

    Once ashore, the passengers have only a few hundred metres to walk to reach superb Kanumera Bay. And a shuttle awaits to take visitors to the legendary natural swimming pool at Oro Bay for a refreshing dip, followed by a delicious lunch of fresh crab on the beach.

  • Kanak sculptures at St Maurice Bay, Isle of Pines

    Top experiences in the Isle of Pines

    - Swim in the crystal clear waters of Oro Bay.
    - See the intriguing mix of Christian and Kanak sculptures at St Maurice Bay.
    - Discover the refuge of Kanak royalty at the Queen Hortense Cave.
    - Drift along beautiful Upi Bay on an outrigger canoe.
    - Take a Break on a terrace Overlooking Kuto or Kanumera beaches.

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