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Last updated:25 February, 2021

There are currently no cases of COVID-19 in New Caledonia.

The borders to New Caledonia remain closed. The New Caledonian government has made this decision to ensure the safety of its local population. 

► All flights to New Caledonia are suspended until 31st July 2021, with the exception of repatriation and freight flights, subject to authorisation.
► All international travellers are advised to postpone their travel.
► The entry of ocean liners, fishing boats and leisure boats arriving from abroad into New Caledonian waters remains prohibited (except French government or military vessels).

Thanks to strict measures that were put in place early, New Caledonia was relatively unaffected by COVID-19. 

Of the more than 22,400 tests conducted since 18 March, 2020, New Caledonia has reported 57 cases of COVID-19, all from overseas travellers. The virus has not circulated within the community. 

55 reported cases have recovered, and there have been zero deaths.

⚠ IMPORTANT: Status of flights to and from New Caledonia ⚠ 

International flights to and from New Caledonia are suspended until 31st July 2021, with the exception of authorised repatriation and freight flights. This is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and limited hotel capacity for quarantining. 

International travellers planning to visit New Caledonia are advised to contact their airline or travel agency. It is strongly recommended travellers wait for any official announcements concerning the resumption of international flights before re-booking. 

Note: at the current time, even if a traveller books a flight to New Caledonia there is no guarantee it can be used on the expected dates. 


Quarantine at your expense for individuals and businesses

Businesses wishing to bring in staff from abroad or individuals holding a French passport (and other nationalities, on request) willing to reduce the delay of entrance to New Caledonia / or return to New Caledonia, for urgent reasons, can apply directly to the Government of New Caledonia via this request form.
Upon New Caledonia government’s approval, a mandatory quarantine at Beaurivage or Gondwana hotels will have to be booked at their own expense
At their arrival at La Tontouta international airport, all travellers will be taken care of and a mandatory PCR test will be required at the end of their quarantine.

Current restrictions 

All COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have been lifted in New Caledonia. However, the New Caledonian government recommends people continue to practice social distancing and maintain a heightened sense of hygiene. Guidelines include:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow if you have to cough or sneeze, to reduce the spread of germs and to avoid contaminating your hands
  • If blowing your nose, dispose of the tissue in the bin as soon as possible and wash your hands 
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and for at least 20 seconds
  • Disinfect your hands frequently with a sanitizing gel
  • Stay more than a meter away from others if you or anyone else is coughing or sneezing

It should be noted that anyone entering New Caledonia from abroad (e.g. on a repatriation flight) is required to quarantine for 14 days in a designated hotel. They will be tested for COVID-19 at the end of their quarantine; if the test is negative they can return home. 


Commercial and leisure vessels 

The entry of ocean liners, fishing boats and leisure boats arriving from abroad into New Caledonian waters remains prohibited. This does not apply to container ships, ore and oil tankers, or ships already in New Caledonian waters that depart and return to the territory, so long as they do not stop in any other port of call outside of New Caledonia and the crew has no contact with individuals on board another ship coming from international waters.  


Stay informed 

Please see linked here to official information and updates from the New Caledonian government, Noumea La Tontouta International Airport and Aircalin: 

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