Q&A Covid-19 in New Caledonia

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about coronavirus-related restrictions in New Caledonia.

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Before coming to New Caledonia

●    What are the countries in the green zone/orange zone ?
The list of the countries in the green or orange zone is available on: https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/covid-19-international-travel 
Australia is considered as an orange zone country and New Zealand as a green zone country.

●    What are the entry requirements for visitors coming from the green zone/orange zone countries?
The requirements are available on: https://gouv.nc/arrivals-english 

●    I am unvaccinated, can I still come to New Caledonia?
Any person aged 12 and over who does not have a complete vaccination schedule, or who has a medical contraindication to vaccination, is subject to the obligation to:

1. Give a compelling personal or family-related reason, an emergency health reason or a professional to travel.

2. Provide:
o    documents that establish the reason for the trip ;
o    the result of a Covid, RT-PCR or antigenic screening test performed less than 48 hours before travel;
o   a sworn statement indicating that you agree that a screening test or examination may be performed upon their arrival.

3. Undergo a Covid test (RT-PCR or antigenic), two days after arrival. RAT tests can be done in places listed HERE.
More info on: https://gouv.nc/arrivals-english 

●    Is RAT test made at home is accepted?
No. All tests must be supervised and verified by a medical professional (for more info see below) with a written record provided either digitally or on paper. This should be presented at check in. If you're travelling from Australia, supervised RAT tests are available at Histopath and Clinical Labs amongst other providers. You can also check to see if your local GP and pharmacy will provide this service.
If you are travelling from New Zealand, supervised RAT tests are available at Unichem or Chemist Warehouse amongst other providers.

●    Should I present my test result in French at check-in?
No, English is accepted too.

●    I am just transiting in Noumea. Do I still need to present a negative test before departure?
No, you don’t if you don’t leave the airport.
●    I just recovered from Covid. Do I still need to do a test before departure?
Yes, you do because it is a national decree.

●    What is the declaration on honour?
It is an official document in which you declare that you accept the New Caledonia’s entry conditions (test for all travellers, isolation for non-vaccinated, etc.)

●    Do I need a travel insurance?
Yes, you will need a travel insurance, with international coverage that covers COVID-19 before travelling.

●    What should I look at to best choose my travel insurance?
Beside standard coverage, please make sure your travel insurance covers COVID-19. Many travel insurance companies now include this coverage in their standard policies.


While in New Caledonia

●    Should I wear a mask while in New Caledonia?
It is no longer compulsory to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, except in certain places: it is still compulsory to wear a surgical or UNS1 mask indoors, from the age of 18, at a public hospital or private health facility (including private hospitals and day procedure centres) in residential care facilities.
It is strongly recommended, in all indoor activities, for vulnerable people and people who have not been vaccinated (or those who are not fully vaccinated).

●    Can I go out of my hotel before taking my RAT test 2 days after arrival? Is there any restrictions?
Yes, you can. There is no restriction since there is no more quarantine. 

●    How do I take the RAT test 2 days after entering NC?
You take it in a pharmacy: https://gouv.nc/niveau-alerte/ou-se-faire-depister 

●    How much is a RAT test?
It is free of charge upon presentation of your airline ticket at your arrival in NC but not for returning home : 2850 F. 
It is the same rule for PCR test : free of charge upon presentation of your airline ticket at your arrival in NC but not for returning home : 13 496 F.

●    What happens if I forgot to take the test?
You will be called by the health government to do it. 

●    What happens if I test positive while in New Caledonia? And what happens to the rest of the group of relative travellers ( family, friends, etc.) with me ?
Travellers who are symptomatic or tested positive on arrival should isolate themselves in their hotel room during 5 days, followed by 7 days of strict barrier measures (wearing a mask and avoid contact). After 48h, if symptoms have resolved or remain mild, isolation is lifted. There is no mandatory test at the end of the 5 days. 

The entire group of travelers who have become contact cases is subject to the same constraints as the patient to avoid the spread.

●    What are the medical facilities available in NC?
As a French overseas territory, New Caledonia benefits from a health system and medical infrastructure that meet the highest international standards. The public hospitals in Noumea (Médipôle of Dumbéa) and Koné are very recent and are among the most modern facilities in France. All the medical staff working in the archipelago (doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.) have French or European diplomas, guaranteeing safe and efficient care.

●    Can I travel around New Caledonia?
Yes, you can. There is no restrictive area.

●    Do I have to wait for the result of my RAT test 2 days after arrival before exploring the Island?
Yes, you have to wait.

●    Do I need to present proof of vaccination when going to a restaurant/bar/museum etc..?
Not anymore. The health pass is no longer required.

●    Can I take domestic flight or boat?
Yes, you can 2 days after your arrival after your test: https://www.newcaledonia.travel/en/moving-around 

Before returning to my country

●    What are the requirements to come back home?
You have to check the entry requirements of your country.

●    Where can I take a RAT test before leaving?
You can take it in a pharmacy: https://gouv.nc/niveau-alerte/ou-se-faire-depister or at the Tontouta airport but be careful and check the opening hours of Tontouta aiport’s testing centre and your flight schedule: https://www.aeroports.cci.nc

●    My flight is very early in the morning, will I find a place to do a test before boarding?
Pharmacy generally open at 7 am in Nouméa and the opening hours of the test centre at the airport is aligned with departures .

●    Will the proof of negative result will be delivered in English?
No, it will be delivered in French. However results come with an international QR code valid in every international airports.

●    What if I test positive?
You have to isolate yourself in your hotel room during 5 days. After 2 days of isolation, if you have no more symptom the self-isolation ends and you are free to go outside. If not, you are subjected the 5-day isolation.